Tannery Pond Community Center Association, Inc.

Is a

Handicapped friendly facility

Built in 2001, a number of design features make this facility readily accessible to handicapped individuals.

Marked Handicap Parking is a few yards away from the main entrance - in front of the Town of Johnsburg Library. Curb cuts and a ramp connect the sidewalk to the front, double door entrance to the Main Lobby.

In addition to stairs, there is an elevator connecting the two floors.

At the rear of the building (the lower level) there is a ‘close to the door’ drop-off which offers easy access to the lower level.

Restrooms on both floors are designed to meet ADA standards.

The auditorium offers wheel chair and companion chair locations both on the auditorium floor and at the back of the seating on the upper (Mezzanine) level. Both locations have clear sight lines of the stage area.

Contact Town Hall (518 251-2421) for further assistance with:

  • Opening the Rear entrance door;
  • Borrowing Assisted listening devices;
  • Borrowing a wheel chair for an event.
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