Planning Your Exhibit At The Widlund Gallery

Thank you for your interest in exhibiting your creative work at TPCC. The amount of exposure you can expect from a month long display at this unique venue is an exciting opportunity for any artist. We'd like to do everything we can to help ensure that your exhibit is a success!

Take a moment to browse through our website to get an understanding of the important information about our Facility. The Measurements of the Exhibit Space are depicted here, but of course nothing will give you a better feel for the best use of space than a personal visit to TPCC. Let the Gallery Committee know when you're coming and we'll make every effort to meet with you to discuss your requirements. Remember, The Friends of TPCC are here to help too!


When a Request to Exhibit Form for an exhibit is received by the Gallery Committee, the exhibit schedule of shows will be reviewed and requested dates will either be accepted and acknowledged or alternative dates will be suggested if there is an exhibit conflict. The Gallery may request seeing slides, photographs or examples of actual work to be exhibited. Exhibit and dates may be determined by factors such as:

• The variety of exhibit themes and media
• Size of exhibits – both physical and number of pieces
• The facilities or lack of facilities at any given time in the Gallery to accommodate the requirements of specific exhibits


TPCCA provides insurance with a limit of $20,000 coverage for the entire exhibit with a $500 deductible that is the responsibility of the artist(s).  A list of work displayed will be required before the work is installed.  The list will include: title of work, name of artist, media, size, and price of the work.  (Please note NYS sales tax is the responsibility of the artist.) A work that is not for sale (NFS) must have a monetary value assigned for insurance purposes.

There currently is no fee to display but artists are required to return 20% of the sales to the Gallery Committee of TPCCA to defray their expenses.


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